Join the electric revolution today.

Electricity is clean, green and inexpensive, making it the ideal power source, which is why our new terminal tractor is powered by electricity. It produces zero emissions at source, costing you less in the long run to operate and will help future proof your business in a low carbon world.

Our new electric terminal tractor produces less noise, vibrations, fumes and emissions making it safer and healthier for your driver to operate and ideal for use indoors and out. With less moving parts and an intuitive diagnostics system, servicing will take less time, cost less and help improve your machine uptime.
This is a revolution you can’t afford to miss.

Benefit from a healthier bottom line.
Switching to electricity as your power source will dramatically cut fuel costs, saving you money day in and day out.
Improve your productivity.
With less maintenance and higher availability rates, and an improved driver experience, your operator will be able to achieve higher levels of productivity.
Enhance your reputation.
Reducing your carbon footprint and providing a healthier work environment with less noise and fumes will enhance your environmental reputation.
Power that lasts.
By combining opportunity charging during breaks and shift changes with bulk charging during downtime, the tractor can operate for up to three shifts a day without compromising its operational efficiency.

Increase your uptime.
Electric drive systems have less moving parts and are easier to maintain, which means servicing and maintenance tasks will take less time and need to occur less often. You will soon be able to take advantage of our new diagnostic system, which can predict when maintenance tasks need to be performed, before they become an issue. The result? Higher availability rates for your machine


Enhance your environmental credentials.
Going electric means you will substantially reduce the carbon footprint and emissions for your whole business, which in turn will help to enhance your environmental reputation, knowing that electrically operated machines produce zero emissions at source.


Improve your bottom line.
Electricity is not only less expensive than diesel, its price is less volatile. This reduction in fuel costs will deliver consistent and predictive contributions to your bottom line. You may even choose to produce your own electricity on site to power your equipment, which will further enhance your bottom line.

Making sure your business never stops.

With over 170 dealer locations across the country, you will always get the support you need.

Your local dealer can discuss a range of financing and service options with you, tailored to meet your exact business needs. Plus, with a state-of-the-art parts
distribution system you will have immediate access to over $10 million worth of spare parts stocked on our dealers shelves.

When the right part matters.

When something needs to be replaced, you need a spare part that meets your exact needs – immediately. Our dealer network offers a rapid delivery service for over 50,000 premium quality, genuine parts directly to your door, with installation support if needed. You can order your parts by contacting your local dealer.

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